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Charlotte County  Pregnancy and Young Child Health Profile

Charlotte County Heath Profile

Florida-US Health Status Comparison

Florida Vital Statistics Data

Florida Maternal and Child Health Database

Florida Birth Defects Prevention Network

Healthy People 2010 Database

Breastfeeding Report Card - USA Data 2010      

Toy-Related Deaths and Injuries 2010 Report

Research and Data

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*NEW* -Supporting Infants, Toddlers and Families Impacted by Caregiver Mental Health Problems, Substance Abuse and Trauma: A Community Action Guide  *NEW*

Resource for Evidence-Based Info and Recommendations for Maternal and Child Health  

 Perinatal Antidepressant Effect on Brain Development  

Growth and Predictors of Growth in Moderately Preterm Children Aged ages 0-4 Years   

Timing of Solid Food Introduction & Risk of Obesity in Preschool-Aged Children

Weight Gain and Effect on Heart Disease of the Child  

Searchable articles of potential interest related to birth defects (API)

CDC Report on Untreated Dental Caries in Children 2-19, United States

Effect of Stress on Delay in  Becoming Pregnant

Publication Search through National Institute

of Child Health and Human Development and NIH   

Neonatal Care Practice Research and Resources    

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Risks of Birth Defects     

More Research and Data Added Regularly Research

Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking Among Women of Childbearing Age - United States, 2006-2010

 2020 Healthy People MCH Indicators  

2010 National Birth Data-NVSS

National Birth Defects Prevention Network

 Birth defects surveillance guidelines

Birth defects education materials

2010 Health, United States - CDC Reports

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

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